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                      What are the characteristics of the structure of the American Standard Gate Valv

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                      What are the characteristics of the structure of the US standard gate valve? American standard gate valve made of high-grade black cast iron, the weight of the lighter than the traditional gate valve, the product is not born is the appearance, but through continuous evolution of the upgrade so that the product is so good, so Is widely used. Technology is the main source of product development. It is also important that humans have a higher demand for products. So what characteristics of the product, as follows:

                           Gate valve has the following advantages:

                           Fluid resistance is small, the sealing surface by the media brush and erosion of small.

                           Open and close more effort.

                           Media flow is unrestricted, no spoiler, no pressure reduction.

                           Simple shape, short structure length, good manufacturing process, wide application.


                           The drawbacks of the gate valve are as follows:

                           Sealing between the easy to cause erosion and abrasion, maintenance more difficult.

                           Large size, open need some space, open and close a long time.