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                      The difference between a short stainless steel gate valve and a common stainless

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                      Ultra-short stainless steel gate valve on the installation space is not required to save manufacturing materials, to prevent the accumulation of debris in the pipeline, the valve open or close the torque of the ultra-short stainless steel gate valve. A guide plate provided in the guide plate of the gate and a guide bar provided in the anti-stacking valve body, and the guide plate is arranged between the gate plate and the valve stem, In the gate of the T-shaped groove and the stem of the head T-shaped head to achieve the stem to drive the rise or fall of the gate; anti-card body, valve cover and the middle flange fixed; packing parts sealed by the filler The packing, the PTFE packing and the packing gland are fixed together with the live bolts and nuts fixed to the bonnet; the stem nuts cooperating with the stem are mounted on the top of the valve cover and fixed with a gland nut, Movement into a linear motion; hand wheel fixed on the stem nut.

                          Stainless steel valve body includes stainless steel body, stainless steel valve body symmetrical with flange on both sides, stainless steel body cavity with a vertical gate, the top of the elastic part with a seal, the top of the seal with a thrust bearing, adjust the screw One end of the thrust bearing extends through the top of the stainless steel valve body, adjust the top of the screw with a hand wheel, the traditional cast iron valve body is set to stainless steel, to avoid the valve in the long-term use of rust, At the same time on the gate to set the reinforcement ring and stiffeners, can greatly enhance the firmness of the gate, the use of thrust bearings can reduce friction and reduce resistance in the process of rotating hand wheel effort, through the use of seals, So that the valve in the long-term opening and closing state will not appear inside the valve body leakage, extending the service life of the gate valve.