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                      When need to use oxygen with stainless steel gate valve

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                      Oxygen with stainless steel gate valve to solve the current oxygen with a stainless steel gate valve and the valve cover between the gasket is often a simple single-layer structure, sealing, wear resistance is not strong. Oxygen with stainless steel gate valve to provide oxygen with stainless steel gate valve, the valve body with a gate, the valve connected to the stem, stem at the top with a hand wheel, the valve body and the corresponding corresponding with the valve seat with the valve seat, And a valve cover is arranged between the valve cover and the valve body, the gasket comprises a core layer, and the outer wall of the core layer is covered with a metal coating layer. Since the gasket includes a core layer and a metal cladding layer, the abrasion resistance is also strong while the sealing property is ensured, and the use effect is improved.

                      For industrial enterprises to transport gas, oxygen, chlorine and acetylene gas and other low-pressure, flammable, explosive and toxic gas (liquid) pipe network of double-sealed valve, it has a gate seal and gas (steam) body seal or liquid seal Of the double-channel seal, from the long flat shell, the bottom with a wedge of the screw and adjust the scope of the larger gate and other components, the ring on the ring seal surface and the inlet and outlet pipe materials are stainless steel, the lower part of the valve body Greatly conducive to the accumulation of dirty soil. Its seal is reliable, long service life, can not disintegrate the sewage and rinse the sealing surface.